Pusha T's 'Daytona' Album Review


Let's start of by saying one thing, Pusha T has been slept on for too long.

His production is always state of the art, his bars speak for themselves and the overall delivery of his past albums have been undervalued.

My hope is that this 7-track album, produced by Kanye West, will change the way people look at Push.



'Daytona' album cover

According to 'Consequence of Sound', "the album cover is a photograph of Whitney Houston’s drug-infested bathroom. The photo dates back to 2006 during which time Houston was at the peak of her drug addiction."

They go on to say that the original cover was scrapped at the last second. Apparently Ye wanted to use a photo that would run him upwards of $85,000 to license, which he himself offered to pay. West said “This is what people need to see to go along with this music”.

After listening to a few interviews, especially the one from Hot 97, Ye is the mastermind behind G.O.O.D. Music releasing 5 back to back albums, all featuring just seven songs. Push went on to say that even though he thought they should release a full album, Ye pushed and said seven songs is the perfect amount. In the end Push agreed.



Let's get into the album review.


Track 1.





Track 2.