A$AP Rocky's 'TE$TING' Album Review

A$AP Rocky. A man of many talents. From fashion to acting he kills it all.

I've been a rocky fan for a long time, I even have a poster of him in my room. He has this undeniable swag that not many can pull off like he does, that directly translates to his music.

High Snobiety - 2017

When I think of Rocky, I think of the melodic sounds that come from his auto-tune and vibe so well with the tones of the production. For example, L$D.

Between releasing his last project "At. Long. Last. ASAP" and releasing two A$AP Mob albums, he's started to morph into this new wave sound. I call it the Playboi Carti sound (even though it's been around for years I call it that because he's gone mainstream with it). Repetitive hi-hats, simple melody, repetitive 808's and lots of ad-libs. 

I could go do a deep dive on "why I'm not a huge fan of this sound and yet I like Migos' & Designer's sound", but thats for a future post.

It seems as though thats what all of the Mob is doing, grabbing on to Carti's sound and running with it.

Carti is only featured once on this album and Frank Ocean twice, so I have a feeling we should be okay. Maybe that's why he's waited so long to drop this project, maybe he wanted to use the Mob for the Carti sound? This would enevitably protect his discography from any trap "waves". 

I'm really curious to see how this project turns out. Knowing Rocky, he'll deliver to his fans.




'TESTING' Album Cover


Let's get into the album review.


Track 1.



Track 2.

Josh Parlee